Gophers Futures Camp

Team entry fee – $300
Dates and Times – TBD
Pregame instruction prior to a game played at Jane Sage Cowles Stadium.
Open to any age group.

For more information – contact Piper Ritter at

Games will fill up fast.
Deadline to register is May 15.

Sign your team up to have pregame instruction from the Gopher softball team.  Bring your team to compete in a game on the Gopher Softball field. Instruction will take place prior to playing a game.

This camp is designed to softball teams to receive college instruction before participation in a softball game on Jane Sage Cowles Stadium. All campers will receive pregame instruction from a Minnesota softball Coach.

Please Contact Piper Ritter to register your team to play and participate in the GOPHERS FUTURES GAME.

All teams should wear their current uniforms.

NCAA Bylaw states that it is permissible for camps to be advertised towards a particular audience (e.g., elite camp), but advertisements or promotions must indicate that the camps are open to any and all (limited only by number, age, grade level and gender).